Increase sales leads and convert them to customers with our lead conversion services.
The ultimate goal in inbound marketing is capturing qualified sales leads. Your search engine marketing, content marketing and social media marketing efforts should all drive interested visitors to your website, blog and individual landing pages. Once there, the call-to-action graphics on your pages should compel them to click-through, and your landing pages should be optimized to produce the highest possible conversion rates. Once you capture leads, you need to move them down the sales funnel to become customers. This is done with lead nurturing campaigns and an effective closed loop marketing strategy.

Create and optimize compelling calls-to-action, landing pages and lead nurturing campaigns to convert leads.
Our lead conversion services include:
• Call-to-action strategy, design and A/B testing
• Landing page strategy and design and A/B testing
• Lead nurturing strategy and design and A/B testing

Analytics Configuration:
We are passionate about analytics, but we are also passionate about our clients… We help our clients digest the information rather than being swamped by it.

CRO (Conversion rate optimization):
TIMA will optimize your site to achieve the highest level of conversions. Through our experience, standard CRO techniques, A|B testing and various other methods which will produce the highest conversion rate.

Google Tag Manager (GTM):
GTM allows us to add the following services and functions to your website: (Google Analytics & AdWords-Funnel & Event Tracking-E-commerce Tracking-Goal Tracking-Custom HTML)

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