Z Light

Digital and social marketing

Z-Light Pure Sunflower Oil, Pure Corn Oil & Pure Canola Oil come under the umbrella of United Flowers Vegetable Oils, which is a well established wing of diversified business group (Almarbaee Holding Company) that has its presence in various manufacturing sectors.

We were approached by Z-Light for its social media existence. From theme introduction to content creation, post production to content direction, this engagement showcased Z-light Arabia as the best and most healthy cooking oil among its target audience.

The Challenge

With the presence of various other cooking oils available in the market, we were faced with the difficulty of creating trust and credibility for Z-light cooking oils using just the content and online visibility.
TIMA designed and implemented social posts for Z-light cooking oils which received a total of 5,532 post engagements and a reach of 15,616 on Facebook alone. We were able to score authentic impressions which resulted in the desired sustainable online presence.