THELEVELe online shopping destination

Digital PR

THELEVELe is the first online shopping destination which ensures perfect services for its cliental; women in the Gulf region.

THELEVELe aims to offer a smooth and an enjoyable shopping experience with a diverse brand mix, fantastic deals and bespoke service. Introducing the most customer centric online fashion mall in GCC, it prides itself on offering exclusive brands as well as distinctive homegrown labels. Clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty, perfumes and essentials are the main categories on its platform, featuring a wide range of products within each.

We started working with THELEVELe when it approached us for digital media management for the launch of its new fashion and beauty ecommerce website in GCC. Our focus was to design and execute a comprehensive and richly complex experience design that would be easy to use for both the users and customers.

The challenge
Our challenge was to create a digital PR strategy which would provide a great opportunity for THELEVELe to appeal to existing and new customers and place them at the centre of conversations.
Our digital PR campaign generated wide spread global engagement with 12837 impressions and 108 online hits across Arabic and English channels.