Pran Litchi drink

Digital and social marketing

Pran Litchi drink is a well know drink in India and Pakistan, Pran Litchi drink had a challenge to connect with consumers in the Arab world. GOTIMA quickly found that although Litchi Drink’s Facebook fans were small in numbers, they were one of the most engaged fans in the juice market. Therefore our initial challenge was to grow their fan base. On Twitter we found that the follower growth was struggling and engagement was low compared to competitors. Like many brands Litchi Drink’s content was mostly promoting their product but struggling to connect with their followers emotionally. The conversation was one-sided.

GOTIMA provided Meaningful content that fans enjoy engaging with
On Facebook we recommended running a number of competitions that tied in with seasonal events. On Facebook and Twitter we created a content strategy where 80% of it was more focused on what people on social media enjoy engaging with leaving 20% to post about events/products. This way lead to the ongoing recognition of this drink in the Arab world.