Manar Alrawi

Digital and social marketing

Contemporary clothing brand based in Jeddah for women, featuring a wide collection of daily and casual wear, classics and evening wear.

Manar Alrawi had a functional website and was even present on social media platforms. The problem was the sheer amount of competition in the market which was choking the potential for Manar Alrawi to generate leads. The already existing social media accounts for Manar Alrawi indicated a lack of consistency and thus portrayed a weak identity.
The Challenge
Since the market was saturated with multiple small and large scale abaya boutiques, our job was not easy. There were hundreds of similar clothing brands. Our aim was to target the right audience and create a unique theme for Manar Alrawi’s designs.

Our one month of social media activation alone managed to escalate Manar Alrawi’s traffic from 35,800 to 36,400 followers on Instagram. Not only was there an increase in the number of followers but the engagement per post shot up dramatically too generating more inquiries for the client. Only 14 posts in the course of few weeks led to a 100% plus engagement with 2.2k likes and 157 comments. The hash tags used in the posts were the most trending with a reach of at least 60%.