Gemma Ceramics KSA

Digital and social marketing

GEMMA is recognized as the leading brand for quality Ceramic, Porcelain and decorative accessories in Egypt. From a fully integrated production facility, emerges a wide assortment of high quality, innovative products that have placed GEMMA as the top interior decorating and styling tile company in the region and they are looking to establish there social presence.

Tima Digital quickly setup GEMMA Facebook and Instagram in Saudi. Therefore our initial challenge was to grow their fan base starting from zero. GEMMA key challenges and objective’s is to build brand awareness, increase the sales, increases the followers and establish tough leadership.

TIMA Digital provided Meaningful content that fans enjoy engaging with On Facebook we recommended running a number of competitions that tied in with seasonal events. On Facebook and Instagram we created a content strategy where 80% of it was more focused on what people on social media enjoy engaging with leaving 20% to post about events/products. This way lead to the ongoing recognition of GEMMA in Saudi arabia.