Samaya Clinics

Digital and social marketing

It’s an advanced cosmetic & dentistry clinic based in Jeddah offering a variety of aesthetic, reconstructive, dermatological and non surgical services to suit ones everyday needs.

TIMA was consulted to improve the online presence for Samaya Clinics and to generate leads. We could also feel that there was less clarity as far as the social media guidelines were concerned. After a detailed analysis of the industry we created brand promotion campaigns spreading over months with the prime focus of educating the audience about dental care and oral hygiene featuring services offered by Samaya Clinics.

The Challenge
With the presence of multiple cosmetics and dentistry clinics in the market, it posed a great challenge for us to create a campaign which would stand out from other competitors.
The overall results translated to almost 100% plus increase in the number of followers of Instagram as compared to the initial count. It also significantly increased the inquiries and appointments for Samaya Clinics. Instagram alone received a total of 2585 impressions in only a few weeks time with 26,000 likes and 213 comments.